RIFI - RDZ-ST 14213 - 1972 - IT

Mack Sigis Porter record cover This record was issued in Italy in the 1972, april and the good musiciens that join with the nice Mack Sigis Porter voice in the seven tracks - sung in english - are all italians. The record is composed by different pieces that we could definie 'soft progressive', very well amalgamated and relaxing.
The first track, Miles To Go, begins with the two acoustic guitars of Enrico Fratini and Massimo Verardi evolving in a more articulate 'crescendo'.
The best tracks are: Peace On You 10:08 minutes long with the piano and the organ played by Vince Tempera and the Sergio Rigon flute in evidence.
Another good track is Sunday In Neon Lights opening the second side with a nice attack of fuzz guitar a little hard oriented taken by the soundtrack La morte scende leggera of the year 1972, as we can see by the notes written inside. The record is housed in a gatefold centre-opening cover that have the small cut-out of a dove shape in the central part. It reminds to the DR. Z cover record.
Very rare and expensive record: it's value is circa 1000 dollars. Some promo copies exist too.


Side 1:
  • Miles To Go
  • Back Home
  • Peace On You
Side 2:
  • Sunday In Neon Lights
  • The Seventh House
  • Till The Fall
  • Freedom
  • Mack Sigis Porter (Vocals)
  • Enrico Fratini (Guitar)
  • Fabio Pesaresi (Bass)
  • Giancarlo Sarano (Drums)
  • Vince Tempera (Piano And Organ)
  • Alberto Baldan (Vibes)
  • Sergio Rigon (Flute)
  • Massimo Verardi (Guitar)
  • Rolando Ceragioli (Drums)
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