Welcome to the new Celononcelo, the web site dedicated to the Rare Rock Records of the 60's-70's and 80's.
Because these records are too many, Celononcelo decided to avoid the " Classic " which made the Rock History and consider the less known, nice and ugly, expensive and cheap, rare and common just to help the fans in their future purchasing choice.
Today, thanks to the reissues (more or less legal) on CD or Vinyl , the knowledge became wide with respect to twenty years ago and maybe many fans already know some LPs proposed on Celononcelo: it's for this reason that here you'll find the less common (except for some cases).
In the meantime, many prices of the records changed, but the music is still the same!
You will find also two sections: one for the labels and another for the guides, useful for new rock records collectors, just to avoid buying one reissue or one counterfeit record instead of an original issue. Finally there is a section with some useful links.
Celononcelo was born in 2002 and only now it's on line, but it will be always updated, so come back to visit it!
This site would not have been possible without the help of my friend Giampiero.

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