Dandelion record cover This is a really wonderful French album. In a virtual grading this record can be easily graded a point above Celebration's 'Old Green Village' and one under the self titled Folkdove or Denis speaking of French psychedelic folk.
Sung in English (except 'La Farfalla' sung in italian) this masterpiece is full of little jewels. Some are 'dreamy' other with more rhythm: I should definie some tracks 'low-fi' (but in 1979 this term was not still known). Anyway the songs are delicate, as the cover with Anne Pfister design past on it.
Dandelion sold their records during the concerts overall in Belfort surroundings where they came from. This record unfortunately is very rare and very expensive but the music value is at the level of the commercial value. It has the insert.


Side 1:
  1. Sometimes
  2. Two Faced Girl
  3. La Farfalla
  4. Something Odd
  5. Winter Sale
Side 2:
  1. I Wanna See You
  2. Let It Know
  3. Sweet Ole Dynamite
  4. Patti
  5. Why
  • Jean Christophe Graf (Guitarres)
  • Thierry Weibel (Batterie)
  • Glierer Richardot (Claviers)
  • Sophie Pfister (Voix)
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